We are an all volunteer search and rescue team trained to search for missing people in and around Kent County as well as other parts of Michigan. We strive to execute methodical searches when looking for any type of missing person which may include the following:

  • Alzheimer’s patients,
  • Suicidal people,
  • Missing children,
  • Overdue hunters, skiers, runners,
  • As well as many others.


What should I do when someone goes missing?

  • DO NOT wait 24 hours before reporting the person missing.
  • Try to not panic
  • Gather the following information and call 911:
    • Any medical or developmental issues they may have
    • Basic Clothing Description
    • Point Last Seen
    • Time Last Seen
  • Locate a picture of the family member while waiting for the police to arrive
  • Do not touch any clothing that they may have worn recently
  • Stay off the phone in case the person tries to call