Land Navigation and Orienteering (LN1-LN3)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

0800h-1200h – Lecture Only (4 hours)
1300h-1600h – Field Training and Evaluation (3 hours)

Cost: $60
Lecture (LN1) and Field Training (LN2 & LN3)

Kent County Sheriff’s Department – Lecture Map
Townsend County Park – Field Map

Land Navigation Practice

Land Navigation & Orienteering (7 hours) – This course is designed specifically for Search and Rescue applications. The course exceeds requirements regarding land navigation skills for most national standards, including the National Association for Search and Rescue and the Kent County Search and Rescue Team. No matter what you do outdoors, this class is for you. Hunting, fishing, hiking, adventure racing, geocaching, kayaking, bird watching; any outdoors person can find this class useful. This is an in depth study of land navigation from an experienced navigator. Learn about earth mapping, map reading, compass reading, coordinate systems, Map Datums, search and rescue navigation standards. Learn formal theory and tricks of the trade. The lecture creates your knowledge foundation and the field training builds and reinforces what you have learned. You are guaranteed to learn something. Bring a baseplate (map/orienteering) or mirrored Compass. The class is graded and successful students earn a certificate from Kent County Search and Rescue. A Merit Badge Counselor will be available to sign off on blue cards. Search and Rescue members can have their task books signed by a Kent County SAR field training officer.

Who will benefit from the course: Search and Rescue Personnel, Boy Scouts, adventure racers, backpackers, kayakers, mountain bikers, hunters, forestry professionals, expedition team members, and a wide variety of outdoor “types”.

Cost: $60

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Search and Rescue Curriculum Details:  NASAR Fundamentals of Search and Rescue (FUNSAR) manual - Chapter 10, Skill Station #1 (practical exam) - encompassing all skills as outlined in the textbook – Fundamentals of Search and Rescue @2005 (ISBN 0-7637-4807-2). This course will prepare the student for the navigation section of the NASAR SARTECH II® & SARTECH III® written exams and Skill Station #1 “Land Navigation” of the Practical Exam. The course is the official course for Kent County Search and Rescue – covering all SAR Technician requirements for land navigation – Levels: LN1, LN2, LN3

Other Curriculum Details: Boy Scouts of America - exceeds the majority of the requirements for the Orienteering Merit Badge