Night Land Navigation Evaluation (LN4)

(Prerequisite: LN1-LN3 or equivalent is recommended – but all candidates are welcome)
Open to the public ($30)
Saturday, April 9, 2016
1900-2230 hrs 
Yankee Springs State Recreation Area – Map

Land navigation skills evaluation. 2.2 kilometer orienteering course with 6 orienteering points to be completed at night within 1 hour and 30 minutes. Candidates are given a map with their points plotted. Test will determine if a graduate is capable of navigating in a wooded area, looking for difficult clues in darkness. Failure rate is 50%, however, all candidates acquire valuable skills during every attempt. No written test. (NASAR Standard – SARTECH I)


The course is performed at night without the aid of orienteering markers. Orienteering points are 4×4 posts only WITHOUT highly visible markers. This evaluation tests the skills and accuracy of any land navigator. Potential Expedition Leaders for the Fortune Bay Expedition Team must successfully complete this course (along with many other requirements) to be considered for the Expedition Leader position. This is an advanced land navigation evaluation and ALL participants are welcome to attempt it.

Participants will need a handheld GPS, all information will be deleted from the memory.

Field Evaluation: $30

Questions?  Email the Instructor.

We’re Sorry. This Class is Now Closed for Registration.


Curriculum Details:  Evaluation for All Operational Members of Kent County Search and Rescue.   Fortune Bay Expedition Team, Basic Expedition Leader certification.   All KCSAR Members and FBET Expedition Leaders must complete the course in 2 hours.  KCSAR Personnel must complete the course in 2 hours.   Course evaluation is also designed to help prepare candidates for the SARTECH I/Crewleader exam as outlined by the National Association for Search and Rescue – Night Land Navigation station.   Both course evaluations are similar, however, there are many differences.    Candidates should be experienced in Land Navigation and possess experience in the wilderness at night, alone.