SAR Leadership

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 Sunday, March 6, 2015

0900h-1500h – Lecture/Workshop (6 hours)

$45 Lecture/Workshop 

 Location:  Kent County Sheriff’s Department –  Map

Outdoor leadership is one of the most difficult areas for a leader.  It provides a difficult environment without the benefit of infrastructure or support that most leaders have come to expect.   The conflicts and issues of leading outdoor groups is unique and is unfamiliar to most leaders in today’s society.   The benefits of leading outdoor expeditions provides the leader with unmatched experience and skill in the modern world.

Human psychology, sociological concepts, leadership examples, personality science, trait analysis and a variety of other concepts are covered.   Students will explore their own strengths and weaknesses to obtain clear understanding of how they can improve their own effectiveness as a team member or leader.  

This workshop is designed to introduce and develop the knowledge, skills and characteristics of effective leadership in outdoor environments and the SAR profession. The course will cover small unit leadership, leadership styles, leadership traits and characteristics, leading volunteers, conflict resolution. Basic skills will include leadership positions, planning, execution, unit travel, dangerous terrain, environmental considerations, responsibility, unit self-rescue, and other necessary leadership skills.

The course starts with a 6 hour collaborative lecture/workshop covering many aspects of leadership.  The lecture is followed by hands on practical problems the illustrate various opportunities and difficulties with leadership through actual tasks and problem solving.

The lead instructors have years of experience.  Instructor experience includes a Non Commissioned Officer in the XVIII Airborne Corps, Expedition Leaders in remote and difficult environments, Registered Principal for FINRA, Laboratory Management, Director of the Fortune Bay Expedition Team, Crew Leader and Operations Director of Kent County Search and Rescue, and Nationally Certified Search and Rescue Crew Leaders.  They currently mentor potential leaders for the outdoor industry and pioneer the foremost training program for crew leaders of Michigan’s Search and Rescue network.  They bring years of experience in harsh leadership environments and provides inspiring illustrations about the art of leadership and management.   This course is a fantastic exploration in strong leadership in tough conditions. 

The course combines the curriculum of the National Outdoor Leadership School and the National Association for Search and Rescue, all students are exposed to a variety of philosophies and skills.  This course is required for all Fortune Bay Expedition Leaders and crew leaders for Kent County Search and Rescue.   This course is also a prerequisite for Intermediate Expeditionary Skills and Leadership.

Anyone who leads others in volunteer organizations, corporations, first response organizations, clubs, boards or outdoor pursuits is recommended to take this class.  


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