Wilderness First Aid

June 11-12, 2015
This course takes place over a weekend. (Plan to arrive in the evening, Friday, June 10)

(Open to the Public)

Lecture: NCTA School House
(White Cloud, MI)

Practical/Overnight Location (White Cloud, MI):
Institute of Leisure Arts – Map

(Must attend full session for certificate)

Cost: $115


The 16+ hour course is designed to prepare the outdoors person, search and rescue member or first responder with the knowledge and skills to treat medical emergencies that occur more than an hour from Emergency Medical Services.  While standard first aid courses provide a background in treating injuries and stabilizing victims that are within minutes of Emergency Medical Care, wilderness medicine provides a background to sustain and stabilize victims for longer response times.   Concepts will include long term care of victims and transport of subjects from wilderness environments.

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