The Ground Unit provides trained volunteers for ground search and rescue operations.  This unit is the core of the KCSAR team.  All field personnel are assigned to this unit before going on to specialize in other areas of search and rescue. All members of the Ground Unit have obtained the national certification SARTECH III, and many are certified SARTECH II or above.

The Ground Unit is divided into Ground Crews, specialty teams, and strike teams.  Currently, the Ground Unit has three Ground Crews.

Typical tasks assigned to Ground Unit members include:

  • Area containment
  • Evidence search
  • GPS trail creation
  • Rapid searches
  • Loose grid searches
  • Rapid intervention team
  • Tight grid searches
  • Man tracking/sign cutting
  • Patient transport

Despite the Ground Unit being the entry-level for all KCSAR members, many hours of training and search experience are required before a member is qualified to participate in a search or join the Ground Unit.  KCSAR provides practical training related to being outdoors in a wide array of weather conditions, practical search techniques, and training around search theory and leadership.

If you are interested in joining a KCSAR Ground Unit, we recommend first attending one of our Kent County Search and Rescue Open Houses where you will receive a general overview of what is involved, what is required, and what is expected.