The overall goal of the Support Unit is to provide tools and services necessary for conducting searches throughout Kent County and surrounding communities.  This unit is responsible for providing, maintaining, and sometimes even repairing equipment whether in the field or back in the shop.

Communications Truck Group

This group is responsible for maintaining and transporting the Communications Truck and the KCSAR Trailer.  These units are used for Emergency Communication, Public Service events, and Search and Rescue events.


  • Amateur and Public Service UHF/VHF radio communications
  • APRS
  • Color copier/printer/scanner
  • D-Star Digital VHF/UHF radio communications
  • Heated workspace
  • Portable generator
  • Red Cross communications

Canteen Group

The Canteen Group is responsible for providing canteen services during a public or search event.  These could include:

  • Rest and rehabilitation
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Other necessary supplies to maintain the health and general well-being of the teams in the field