Join the team



The minimum requirements to be a Search & Rescue team member in Kent County are:

  • Age 18+
  • Should be in reasonably good health, as Search and Rescue is hard work! (We do have Non-Field positions also)
  • Clean Criminal History / Background Check
    • Instant Disqualification items:
      • All Felony’s
      • Misdemeanors within the previous 10 years to applying
      • Major Traffic Violations within the previous 7 years of applying
  • Must have a Michigan Drivers License and a reliable vehicle
  • Must take required training’s
  • Must respond at all hours of the day or night
  • Must be willing to work in less than desirable conditions
  • Must be a team player
  • Must acquire an Amateur Radio License within six months of joining


Applicant Processing Flow 


1)      Fill out our application: Apply here

2)     We will contact members to set up an interview / discuss the team with them

3)     Persons applying to be Field Qualified will successfully pass a Physical Fitness Test.

4)     Interested individuals will complete required applicant documents.

5)     KCSD will conduct a background and criminal record checks.

6)     The Emergency Manager will notify the Director of their decision.

7)    KCSAR Leadership will review information related to the applicant.

8)    KCSAR Leadership will select applicants for an interview.

9)   KCSAR Leadership will decide to either accept or decline an applicant.

10)   Approved Applicant will be placed on probationary status and assigned to the training division.

Thank You all for your interest. Any questions feel free to email Human Resources